5 Best digital marketing strategies in 2020



Digital marketing trends cannot be ignored regardless of what your industry is in. Whether you want to develop an eCommerce website and sell products online. Or whether you want to share your services through an enterprise business website. If you are working with anything business-related, it is vital to keep up with all the digital marketing trends in the current year. Well, it is the year 2020 and it doesn’t seem like too much has changed since the end of 2019. However, there are always new digital marketing strategies that you could take into account for the year 2020. A little while ago, businesses needed more than just a Facebook page of a website. However, now the digital landscape is rapidly growing and it is getting hard to keep up with. 

In 2020, businesses are forced to adapt to new digital trends in order to stay visible to consumers. There are all these new technological tools that have come forth for marketers to strategize and expand their horizons. If you are a business that doesn’t want to adapt to current trends, you may be left behind. In this article, we will discuss 5 best digital marketing strategies in 2020 and how you could carry them into the year 2021. 

1. Original research 

Investing in original research was one of the best marketing strategies of 2010. However, professional marketers still suggest and recommend this strategy till this day. Investing in original research can help you gain links. For example, Tamas Torok, the head of Javascript development company Coding Sans, mentioned that they have been gathering and publishing their own research in “software development trends” since 2017. Because of the reports they generated, they have received links from highly authoritative websites and yielded many subscribers. In this case, the new data that was published had attracted links. They also had shared the data in visually appealing forms, therefore it was shared online on social media. 

Investing in original research can be great as well when you are thinking about eCommerce website designing. Let’s say that you have a web page solely to share retail trends of the year. The data collected and shared will be a great way to attract prospective customers and increase conversion rates. 

2. Chatbots dominate customer service 

You may notice a little chat appear on the corner of your screen with a message that may say “Hello, how may we help you today.” That is a chatbot. They are an artificial intelligence software that acts as a concierge or helpdesk. They are developed to communicate with users and assist them in finding solutions or achieving their goals. A chatbot is a great software to implement in eCommerce website designing. It will interact with humans in a natural way through a text chat window and assist them in purchasing an item. Verbal interactions may be possible over time. The AI will learn more about customers when the system collects more data insights. That is how they will be able to offer improved services on a continuous basis. 

3. Update your content

Even though you have already published content on your website, don’t let it just rust there. Updating old content is a strategy that has served many businesses well. Google has a freshness ranking factor. Most websites see content decay, which is not good if you want to keep attracting users. When you play to develop eCommerce website platforms, make sure your content is fresh and up-to-date. Keeping it new will always help with your ranks on search engines. It is a tactic to refresh older content rather than just pump out new high-quality content. 

Making simple updates and tweaks to an article can make rankings jump up. Google would always prefer fresh new content, however, this is such an easy win to save time and effort. 

4. Video should no longer be an option 

There is something about the power of a video. Businesses should consider bringing forth video marketing this year or next. If you are even looking to revamp your eCommerce website designing, maybe consider video marketing. Text-based websites can become too plain and simple for the audience. You can’t compete with text-based content with the power of a video. Especially like selling products or services online. Focus on this when you develop eCommerce website platforms. 

Statistics show that 70% of users share a brand’s video. 52% of the consumers claim that watching the video of the product or service makes them more confident when it comes to purchasing decisions. 72% of businesses that use video marketing have believed it has thoroughly improved their conversion rates.  

5. Expand guest blogging opportunities 

Allow people to create content for your brand through guest blogging. For example, a company called DashThis has scaled its content strategy by allowing clients to contribute to their blog. It is a win-win situation. The guest blogs will bring in more organic traffic and therefore turn into promising leads. 

In summary 

There are so many more digital marketing strategies and trends out there. Hopefully, this article narrows down what are some of the best digital marketing strategies. You may be able to incorporate some of them when you are planning to develop eCommerce website systems. Are you looking for some digital marketing tips? Head over to DigitalSolutions to find out more about what we do, and what we can do for you. 

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