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What is an EHR?

The term EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and while the term suggests it is a simple software which keeps digitized patient medical health records safe, these days EHRs have progressed much beyond that. And ENT-cloud is just one of them. Like the name suggests it is an otolaryngology EHR software. It is not just specifically for doctors who are otolaryngologists or ENTs as they are popularly known like the name would have you believe. But also caters to allergy, asthma and immunology specialties as well. So if you are in the market for a software which caters to these specialties, then you have come to the right place. We will break down the features and talk about ENT Cloud Reviews

Ent-Cloud Features


One of the most important aspects of any medical practice is scheduling appointments and making sure they run seamlessly. This helps your practice be successful since good scheduling can lead to seeing more patients daily and growing your practice. With this EHR you get to schedule appointments very easily. It takes only a few clicks and the calendars of everyone at the service associated with that appointment are immediately updated. In fact, patients have the opportunity to schedule their own appointments as well. This function alone makes the ENT cloud cost worth it! 


Billing is another very imperative aspect of any medical related practice or any business for that matter. A lot of times ENT specialists find that their claims from insurance companies for patients have been denied which gives you a loss however with this otolaryngology EMR software you do not have to worry about this. The claim clearance and acceptance rate because of all the protocols in place in its billing and claims features is much higher than other EMRs! A lot of otolaryngology EHR reviews for this EHR in particular talk about how practices saw an uptick in the approval of their claims after they started using this EHR. 


Another perk of having this EHR is that the templates are very suitable for ENTs but can be chosen according to your preferences as well and are said to guarantee increase in both proficiency and patient satisfaction. If you want to see whether the templates on offer are appropriate for you then you can ask the vendor for an ENT cloud demo to see what you think about the EHR in action. A good template is very important since it can speed up or slow down your practice so it is imperative you focus on what works best for you and doesn’t involve too steep of a learning curve where you spend weeks just figuring out how to use the template. 

Patient Facing Portal

These days any otolaryngology EHR cost is only justified if the software has a patient facing portal that your patients can use and makes things easier for both you and them. ENT-Cloud is a great option because of the convenient patient facing portal. The portal allows for patients to schedule their appointments themselves, be notified about upcoming appointments and also lets them fill out their forms ahead of time so that both you and your patients can save time and not have to waste precious time during the appointment for these formalities. 

Quick Charting

Another benefit of using ENT-Cloud is that the software has quick charting capabilities which make things much easier. The templates recognize diction and you can narrate your notes to it and it will write it down in the relevant file. If you prefer writing your notes by hand, the software also has templates which are enabled to recognize handwriting and automatically convert and enter it into the file. This feature alone makes the ENT Cloud pricing every bit worth it! This saves you a lot of time from having yourself or your staff convert documents by hand by typing them painstakingly. 


In this day and age, before a patient or even a potential patient comes into your practice they will go and read reviews about you and your practice online. This means you will need to make sure any grievances are immediately addressed but of course this is not always possible. However, a great service ENT Cloud offers is the service to market you and make sure your online presence is pristine by taking care of low star reviews by responding to them and resolving them and more! 

Should You Invest in Ent-Cloud

Now comes the most important question that you probably came here to have answered. Well, we cannot answer the question for you because only you have the ability to make this decision. Before you do anything we highly recommend asking for an ENT Cloud tutorial. In fact, ask for an otolaryngology EHR demo no matter which company it is from. Once you have taken a demo or looked at a otolaryngology EHR tutorial you will be in a better place to decide in terms of what you want to do. Another thing you can do is to make a list of all the things you want an EHR to cater to and then cross reference that list with the features we have listed above to see if they are being addressed by this software. This will help you choose a software which is the best for you and your practice. Whatever decision you make, it will be in the best interest of your practice! 


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Learn more about ENT-Cloud, a very popular otolaryngology EHR software used all over the world by ENT specialists! 


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